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Oxide PLD system

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General Information:

Coral Name: pld
FIC: Tim Sands
Process/Equipment Owner: Dave Lubelski
Location: BRK 1217
Max Wafer Size: 2

System Information:

General Description:

Versatile pulsed laser deposition system dedicated to oxides
Manufacturer: PVD Products, Inc.


Samples up to 2” diameter wafers
Max substrate temperature
sapphire = 800°C
silicon = 900°C
heating via IR lamps
three 2”dia. x 0.25”thick target holders
smaller target sizes possible
current available targets: Ag, Al, Co, Cr, Cu, Fe, Ga, In, Mo, Sc, Ta, Ti, V, W, Zr
Gases: O2
Laser source
Lambda Physik 305i KrF excimer laser (see manual below)
Laser rastering
uniform rastering across target via rotation and mirror
base pressure <810-8 Torr

Materials Compatibility:

Non-outgassing materials

Useful Links:

* Must install Coral and be a trained user to reserve a slot on this system.