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Laser lift-off and laser annealing

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General Information:

Process/Equipment Owner:
Location: BRK 1217

System Information:

General Description:

homogenized 248nm pulsed excimer laser beam for a broad range of research
laser lift-off studies of GaN on sapphire
x-y stage for automated rastering of wafers
laser annealing vacuum chamber for inert gas ambient
laser manufacturer: Lambda Physik (305i KrF excimer laser)


homogenized laser beam
1000mJ/cm2 maximum fluence/energy density
10mm x 10mm beam size
flat-top profile
1 to 50 Hz
28ns pulse
automated x-y stage (Newport)
150mm range
0.5m resolution
laser annealing vacuum chamber
designed for rough vacuum (<5mTorr)
various inert gas ambient possible
large 6” quartz viewport
holds wafers up to 4” diameter

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