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General Information:

Coral Name: STS_ASE
FIC: Dimitrios Peroulis
Process/Equipment Owner: Sean Rinehart
Location: Cleanroom-Bay L
Max Wafer Size: 6

System Information:

General Description:

This system is used to anisotropically etch Silicon substrates.


The STS Deep Reactive Ion Etch (DRIE) system uses SF6/O2 for etching and C4F8 for passivation. It is designed to provide high-aspect-ratio etching using inductively coupled plasma (ICP) and Bosch process. Utilizes electromagnets during etch to reduce flux in the plasma to minimize sidewall roughness. Has the SOI option. Utilizes electrostatic clamp which allows full wafer exposure.


· Positive photo resist, silicon nitride and silicon oxide can be used as a mask.
· Any type of negative photo resist, e-beam PR, polymer, polyimide, resin, and any type of metal are absolutely not allowed due to contamination!!!
· 6” silicon wafer can only be loaded in the system, so for any wafer which less than 6” you will need to bond to a 6” carrier wafer. Use thick photo resist such as AZ 4620 or AZ 9260 following a hard bake in a 120C oven for at least 15-30min. You can also use “Crystalbond 555” adhesive for mounting your wafer to the 6” wafer. Please make sure that your wafer is properly bonded to the 6” carrier wafer.
· You should have thick photo resist as well as silicon oxide on your 6” carrier substrate as an etch stop if you would like to etch deep trench (>500um) or all through.
· When bonding, make sure that there is not any photo resist on the backside of the carrier. This causes poor backside cooling and/or high helium leak rates.
· It is recommended to do oxygen cleaning for 15min before starting your process in order to clean the process chamber.

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* Must install Coral and be a trained user to reserve a slot on this system.