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Vistec VB6

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General Information:

Coral Name: VB6
FIC: Minghao Qi
Process/Equipment Owner: Bill Rowe
Location: Cleanroom Bay N
Max Wafer Size: 6

System Information:

General Description:

* The Leica VB6 is a 100kV, Ultra-High Resolution, Widefield electron beam lithography tool.
* It is an excellent research tool for imaging IC designs, MEMS designs, and NanoCarbon/Nanotube work on the nanotech level.


* It can image small wafer samples up through 154.2mm wafers.
* It can image 5 inch and 6 inch photomasks.
* It can produce geometries down to 6nm in size.
* Field sizes up to 1.310mm for reduced stage movements
* Can write with a current of 200 pico amps up to 100 nano amps

Useful Links:

* Must install Coral and be a trained user to reserve a slot on this system.