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Sanyo Labo MLS 3780 Mobile Labo Autoclave

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General Information:

Coral Name: N/A
FIC: Dimitrios Peroulis
Process/Equipment Owner:
Location: 2031
Max Wafer Size: N/A

System Information:

General Description:

Portable autoclave for steam-sterilization of glass, metal, and plastic supplies


Internal capacity: 59L
Effective internal capacity: 50L
Chamber dimensions: 370 (diameter) x 415(D)(effective depth including cover: 480 mm
Chamber material; SUS304 (austenitic stainless steel)
Max/Min Operating pressure: 0 - 240kPa (0 - 34.8psi, 0 - 2.4bar)
Max/Min Operating temperature: 10 - 137.9°C (50 - 280.2° F)
Sterilizing temperature: 105°C - 135°C
Melting temperature: 60°C - 100°C
Keep warm temperature: 45°C - 60°C
Thermometer: Thermistor, digital display (25°C - 141°C)
Safety valve releasing pressure: 240kPa (34.8psi, 2.4bar)
Pressure gauge range: 0-0.4 MPa (0-43.5psi, 0-4bar)
Sterilizing: 1 to 250 min., 72-hour setting possible for sterilizing equipment cycle
Melting: 0 to 250 min., 72-hour setting possible
Keep warm: Auto off after 72 hours
Timer: Operation start after 1 to 99 hours
Exhaust tank: 4-liter polypropylene tank

Materials Compatibility:


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* Must install Coral and be a trained user to reserve a slot on this system.