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General Information:

Coral Name: filmetrics
FIC: Shared
Process/Equipment Owner: Sean Rinehart
Location: Cleanroom Bay S
Max Wafer Size: 8

System Information:

General Description:

The Filmetrics is used to measure the thickness and optical constants (n and k) of transparent and semi-transparent thin film such as oxides, nitrides, resists, polyimides, polysilicon. The Filmetrics measures film characteristics by reflecting light and then analyzing this light over a range of wavelengths.


Measured films should be optically smooth. Very rough films and opaque films can not be measured.

Thickness Measurement Range:
nm to micron range

Optical Constant Measurement Range:
1000A and 10um

Thickness Accuracy:
+/- 1nm at 500nm

Wavelength Range:
400nm to 1000nm

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* Must install Coral and be a trained user to reserve a slot on this system.