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PVD E-Beam Evaporator

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General Information:

Coral Name: PVD Products Evaporator
FIC: Shared
Process/Equipment Owner: Dave Lubelski
Location: Cleanroom-Bay K

System Information:

General Description:

Six Pocket E-Beam Evaporator used for Ferro-magnetic materials


* High Purity metal evaporator - Materials are limited to Cu, Ti, Al, Fe, Ni, Co,Sc,Ta
* Base system pressure 2.0x10-8 torr
* Accomodates wafers up to 4" diameter
* Rotatable stage can be Water or LN2 cooled
* Atmosphere to deposition in 15 minutes
* Gridless Argon sputtering gun for O2 removal
* Capable of angled deposition at 30 or 45 degrees

Materials Compatibility:

Fe, PY, Ti, Cu, Al, Ni, Co, Sc

Useful Links:

* Must install Coral and be a trained user to reserve a slot on this system.