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James Leary

Professor of Biomedical Engineering; SVM Professor of Nanomedicine

Contact Information:

E-mail: jfleary@purdue.edu
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SB, Aeronautics/Astronautics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1970; SB, Humanities (Philosophy/History), MIT, 1970; MS, Physics, University of New Hampshire, 1974; PhD, Biophysics, Penn State University, 1977; Post-doctoral Fellow, Los Alamos National Laboratory (Cytometry/Immunology), 1978

Research Interests:

High-throughput and BioMEMS cell analysis and separation technologies for genomics and proteomics (cytomics). High-speed imaging/laser ablation/laser opto-injection technologies for stem cell engineering. Nanomedicine approaches to cancer diagnostics and therapeutics, antiviral therapies, and regenerative medicine.