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Timothy Sands

Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost

Contact Information:

Phone: 765-494-9709
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B.S., Engineering Physics, UC Berkeley - 1980; M.S., Materials Science, UC Berkeley - 1981; Ph.D., Materials Science, UC Berkeley - 1984

Research Interests:

Energy conversion materials and devices; nanostructured materials and nanofabrication; GaN heterostructures and light-emitting devices; solid-state lighting; nanostructured thermoelectric materials; solid-state power generators and cooling devices; chemical and physical vapor deposition; electrochemical synthsis of nanostructured materials; pulsed laser deposition; heterogeneous integration; contacts

Research Impact Statement:

Our research group specializes in nanostructured materials for energy conversion devices. Introducing surfaces and interfaces at length scales comparable to or smaller than characteristic wavelengths and scattering lengths of phonons, electrons and photons enables the design and fabrication of artificially-structured materials with properties and performance that expand the envelope defined by conventional bulk and thin-film materials. The potential impact of our research includes higher efficiency and lower cost LEDs for solid-state lighting; efficient solid-state generators that convert heat from any fuel, including biomass, to electric power; and solid-state cooling devices designed to replace compressor-based refrigeration for applications ranging from electronics to air conditioning in vehicles.