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Xianfan Xu

James J. and Carol L. Shuttleworth Professor of Mechanical Engineering, by courtesy in Electical and Computer Engineering

Contact Information:

Phone: 765-494-5639
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Engineering Thermophysics, University of Science and Technology of China, B.E. - 1989; ME, UC Berkeley, M.S. - 1991; ME, UC Berkeley, Ph.D. - 1994

Research Interests:

1. Energy transfer in nanoscale energy conversion materials, including nano-particle/quantum dot, nanowire, thin film, and superlattice thermoelectric and photovoltaic materials. 2. Ultrafast optics, fundamentals of ultrafast light-matter interactions. 3. Nano-optics (near-field optics), field concentration and enhancement at nanoscale, e.g., using nanoscale optical antenna. 4. Ultrafast and nanoscale optical diagnostic methods for investigation of energy transfer processes in nanomaterials. 5. Laser-based micro- and nano-manufacturing, including parallel nanolithography, nanomaterials growth, and laser fabrication of MEMS.

Research Impact Statement:

Prof. Xu's group develops advanced ultrafast optical and nanoscale optical technologies and apply them in (1) energy transfer study and (2) development of advanced manufacturing methods.