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BNC Engineering Staff

Kyle Corwin

Building Operations Clerk

E-mail: kcorwin@purdue.edu
Phone: 765-494-4491

Mike Courtney

Process and Equipment Owner / Photolithography

E-mail: mcourtne@purdue.edu
Phone: 765-494-6522

Mike manages the Optical Lithography and mask making processes. His responsibilities include converting research designs to workable photo masks as well as process development, planned maintenance and repair, and training of researchers on all optical lithography equipment. Mike has a B.S. in Electronic Technology fromÊPurdue University. He has 32 years experience in semiconductor fabrication at Delphi Electronics & Safety. His process experience includes photolithography, thermal, LPCVD, PECVD, and ion implantation processes. Mike joined Purdue and the BNC Staff in 2011.

Dan Hosler

Process and Equipment Owner / Furnaces

E-mail: dhosler@purdue.edu

Dan is responsible for the thermal furnace process in the cleanroom. This includes procurement of proper equipment, process development, planned maintenance and repair, and the training of users on the systems. Dan's primary goal is to provide well-working thermal processes to meet the needs of the students. Dan has a B.S. in MET from Purdue University. He has worked for 9 years in the semiconductor industry at Delphi Electronics and Safety in Kokomo, IN. Dan joined the BNC Staff at Purdue in 2007.

Stephen Jurss

Safety Officer

E-mail: sejurss@purdue.edu

Stephen has responsibility for all aspects of safety of the facility. This responsibility includes process gas system surveillance, biological safety, chemical handling safety, and research process oversight. Given the diverse nature of the areas of research, his goal is to implement new and novel approaches related to laboratory safety to accommodate research in an efficient and safe manner. Stephen has a B.S. in Health Science, specifically in the field of Industrial Hygiene and 23 years of environmental, health, and safety experience. He is currently board certified in both Industrial Hygiene and Safety. Stephen began his career as an OSHA compliance officer with the Indiana Department of Labor, moving to PurdueÕs Office of Radiological and Environmental Management (REM) for 20 years. He has been involved with the Birck Nanotechnology Center since its conceptual stages, first on assignment from REM and currently as a member of the BNC staff.

Jeff Kuhn

Process and Equipment

E-mail: kuhn1@purdue.edu

Jeff is the Facility Engineer and is responsible for many of the BNC facility support systems. Some of his duties include monitoring cleanroom cleanliness, wastewater treatment, exhaust scrubber operation, and creating facilities process documentation. Jeff has an AAS in MET from Purdue and a BS in Business Management from the University of Phoenix. Jeff has over 30 years of industrial experience including 16 years in facilities and maintenance engineering. Jeff began his career at Kawneer Company in 1974. He worked for DuPont Photomasks in Kokomo for eight years and at Alcoa for two years prior to coming to Purdue in 2007.

Tim Kwok

3-D Cell Culture Manager

E-mail: kwokt@purdue.edu

Dave Lubelski

Process and Equipment Owner / Metal Deposition, Recharge Center

E-mail: lubelski@purdue.edu
Phone: 765-494-9102

Dave is responsible for metal deposition systems and for management of the recharge center. DaveÕs experience in vacuum systems and deposition processes has elevated the performance of the BNC metallization systems. His goal is to enable BNC research through innovative deposition processes and the reduction of contamination in vacuum systems. Dave has a B.S. in EET from Purdue University, and 22 years experience in UHV system design and maintenance, MBE growth, and metal deposition. Dave joined Purdue University in 1986.

Tim Miller

Process and Equipment Owner / Ultrapure Water, Wet Processing, and Cleanroom Training

E-mail: miller@purdue.edu
Phone: 765-494-3461

Tim is responsible for the Nano-grade Ultrapure water system, Wet Processing/Hoods, and cleanroom training. He draws upon 29 years of experience in research, equipment modification and repair, and laboratory leadership at Purdue. His primary goal is to enable nanotechnology research in the BNC through providing the cleanest water available, termed nano-grade water. Tim earned a BSEE from Purdue in May of 1979. He has played a key role in the planning and implementation of the BNC since its conception.

Joonhyeong Park

Microfab Control Research Engineer

E-mail: park218@purdue.edu
Phone: 765-494-4209

Sean Rinehart

Research Engineering

E-mail: srinehar@purdue.edu

Bill Rowe

Process and Equipment Owner / e-Beam Lithography

E-mail: wrowe@purdue.edu
Phone: 765-496-8389

Bill has the overall responsibility for electron beam lithography in the BNC, including both the Vistec and Raith systems. BillÕs goal is to make the electron beams user friendly and increase their usage for nanotechnology research in the BNC. Bill has 29 years of mask making experience with Delco Electronics and DuPont Photomasks, Inc. Work experience included optical and electron beam equipment, inspection and metrology equipment, CAD, mask processing, safety, and customer service. Bill joined Purdue and the BNC Engineering Staff in 2007.

Kenny Schwartz

Process and Equipment Owner / Gases, Liquid Nitrogen, and Metal Deposition

E-mail: kfschwar@purdue.edu
Phone: 765-496-1174

Kenny has overall responsibility for all process gases in the BNC, including gas cabinets and VMBs, specialty gases, bulk gases Ð nitrogen, hydrogen, helium, oxygen, and argon Ð and the liquid nitrogen system. He is also responsible for operational capabilities of the evaporators and sputterers at BNC. His goal is to aid in keeping BNC at the forefront in research capabilities. Kenny has 10 years experience in the semiconductor field, dealing primarily with Ultra Pure Gases with Praxair as well as 4 years serving as Site Manager of all bulk and process gases at the DelphiÕs Kokomo campus. Kenny joined Purdue in 2005.

Jerry Shepard

Microfab Technician/Engineer

E-mail: jshepar@purdue.edu

Guy Telesnicki

Research Associate

E-mail: gtelesnicki@purdue.edu
Phone: 765-494-6954

Mary Jo Totten

Building Logistics

E-mail: tottenm@purdue.edu
Phone: 765-496-1173

Mary Jo has responsibility for helping the residents of the building get situated and making sure their stay here is comfortable. Mary Jo maintains the card security system, issues keys, is in charge of the mailroom, shipping and receiving, the telephone system and data PICs, and addresses other issues as they arise. Mary Jo received her BSE from Wayne State College in 1978. She has spent many years in electronics with Dale Electronics and was a Senior Planner of Electronics with Landis & Gyr. Mary Jo came to Purdue in 1995, working in Physics as a Lab Technician. She joined the Birck staff in 2005.

Mark Voorhis

Building Manager

E-mail: mvoorhis@purdue.edu
Phone: 765-494-3036

Mark has responsibility for the overall operation of the building and its support systems. This includes everything from the environmental control within the facility to monitoring critical building operations. He also works very closely with the PUPF maintenance organization in overseeing both planned maintenance and repair activities. Mark also is coordinating the move and installation of equipment in the facility. MarkÕs principal goal is to make the operation of the facility transparent to the researchers, enabling them to achieve preeminence in their results. Mark has an A.S. in EET from Purdue, and 23 years of industrial experience in the construction, operation and maintenance of cleanroom facilities. Mark has managed semiconductor process equipment and facility operations in Round Rock, Texas, and Kokomo, Indiana, facilities of DuPont Photomask, Inc. He joined Purdue in 2004.

John Weaver

Strategic Facilities Officer

E-mail: jrweaver@purdue.edu
Phone: 765-494-5494

John has responsibility for the facility infrastructure, safety, and strategy. His principal goal is to enable research and innovation in the BNC while operating in a safe, efficient manner. John has a B.S. in Chemistry from Adrian College, and 35 years of industrial experience in the design, construction, and operation of cleanrooms and other clean facilities. Beginning his career with RCA Corporation, he has worked for Hughes Aircraft Company and Delphi Electronics and Safety. He has been at Purdue since 2000 on assignment from Delphi and since 2006 as a Purdue employee.

Justin Wirth

Optoelectronics Research Engineer

E-mail: jcwirth@purdue.edu
Phone: 765-494-8203

Ira Young

Process Logistics

E-mail: icyoung@purdue.edu
Phone: 765-494-9104

Ira has overall responsibility for the purchasing, storage, and distribution of supplies for the cleanroom and laboratories. He is also responsible for the collection of chemical waste and its disposal through REM. His primary goal is to have supplies available and to distribute them to the students, staff, cleanroom, and laboratories as requested. Ira has a BS from Purdue and 26 years of purchasing and inventory control experience. Beginning his career with Essex Group and moving to Lafayette Pharmaceuticals, he has worked with NRC, FDA, and DOD. He joined Purdue in 2006.