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BNC Staff Scientist

Rosa Diaz Rivas

Electron Microscopy Staff Scientist

E-mail: rdiazri@purdue.edu

Alexei Lagutchev

Research Scientist

E-mail: lagutch@purdue.edu

Nithin Raghunathan

Research Scientist

E-mail: nithin@purdue.edu

Nithin Raghunathan

Research Scientist

E-mail: nithin@purdue.edu
Phone: 765-496-7326

Yi Xuan

Research Assistant Professor

E-mail: yxuan@purdue.edu

Dmitry (Dima) Zemlyanov

Staff Scientist

E-mail: dimazemlyanov@purdue.edu
Phone: 765-496-9189

Dmitry has responsibility for the Surface Analysis Lab at the BNC. His responsibilities include XPS and surface analysis service work and training for general users. Additionally, he spends 50% of his time on research activities, primarily in Surface Science, Catalysis and Biophysics. Dmitry has a PhD in Physics and Mathematics from the Novosibirsk State University, Russia, and over 12 years of education xperience in both classroom and research environment. He completed research PostDocs at Fritz-haber-Institute, Berlin Germany, and Worcester Polytechnic Institute, MA, studying catalytic phenomena on the surface of metals. Prior to coming to Purdue, Dmitry was an adjunct professor at WPI and a research scholar at University of Limerick, Ireland. He joined the BNC staff at Purdue in 2005.