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2nd nanoHUB User Conference 2015
West Lafayette, Indiana
Purdue Memorial Union (PMU)

South Ballroom

August 31- September 1, 2015
(Precedes IWCE Conference)


Monday, August 31st (Education Theme)
7:00AM       Registration Opens/Breakfast                                                  

8:00AM       Opening Remarks (Gerhard)                                                    

8:30AM       Keynote Speaker:  David Ferry, ASU                                             

9:30AM       Break                                                                                                

10:00AM     Alejandro Strachan, Purdue University                                        

10:30AM     Deb Newberry, Dakota Co. Tech. College                                      

11:00AM     Coray Colina, PSU / U of Florida                                                  

11:30AM     Shaikh Ahmed, Southern Illinois University                                  

12:00PM     - Lunch -                                                                                           

1:30PM       Creating Simple Learning Packages                                              

1:45PM       Hands-on Workshop: Create a Collection                                    

2:15PM       Using nanoHUB for Collaboration                                                 

2:30PM       Hands-on Workshop: Set Up a Group                                           

3:00PM       - Break -                                                                                                                      

3:30PM       Get Worldwide Visibility for your Materials                                 

3:45PM       Hands-on Workshop:  Resource Contribution                             

4:15PM       Building Blocks for Education                                                        

4:30PM       Hands-on Workshop: Education Modules                                    

5:00PM       Adjourn                                                                                           

5:15PM       Poster Session / Reception - Spurgeon Club, Mackey Arena (bus transportation provided)                                


Tuesday, September 1st  (Research / Nanoelectronics)

7:00AM       Registration/Breakfast                                                                   

8:00AM       Shaloo Rakheja, New York University                                           

8.30 AM       José M. de la Rosa, Universidad de Sevilla                                    

9:00AM       Alex Tropsha, U. of North Carolina                                               

9:30AM       Dragica Vasileska, Arizona State University                                 

10:00AM     - Break -                                                                                                                       

10:30AM     Your research privately available anywhere!                              

10:45AM     Hands-on Workshop: Create and Use a Project                           

11:15AM     Publish your data on nanoHUB                                                    

11:30AM     Hands-on Workshop: Work with and Share Your Data on nanoHUB                                                                  

12:00PM     - Lunch -                                                                                                                      

1:30PM       Use Linux desktop from anywhere                                              

1:45PM       Hands-on Workshop - Workspace                                                 

2:15PM       Share your code with the world                                                    

2:45PM       Break                                                                                               

3:15 PM      Hands-on Workshop: Tool Publication                                        

4.45 PM       Adjourn

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