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Courses Taught by Prof. Vasileska at ASU

General Undergraduate and Circuits and Electromagnetic Classes

ASU101: ASU Experience
EEE/CSE101: Introduction to Engineering Design
ECE300: Intermediate Design Project
ECE301: Electrical Networks I
EEE302: Electrical Networks II
EEE202: Electrical Networks I – new course
EEE241: Fundamentals of Electromagnetic Theory

Device Physics Classes

EEE531: Semiconductor Device Theory I
EEE532: Semiconductor Device Theory 2

Solid State Theory and Modeling Classes

EEE352: Properties of Electronic Materials
EEE434: Quantum Mechanics
EEE539: Fundamentals of Solid State Theory
EEE534: Semiconductor Transport
EEE533: Semiconductor Device and Process Simulation
EEE598: Advanced Device Simulation
EEE598: Computational Electronics
EEE598D: Quantum Computing
EEE598: Computational Optoelectronics