Dry Powder Machining Controls


Dispensing of dry powder in machining operations with vigorous mechanical motion or agitation

Potential Risk

Dispensing the dry powder in a machining operation with vigorous motion, could result in aerosolization of the nanoparticles that could remain suspended in air after the operation is completed.


  • Ventilated machining equipment (mechanical process, or agitation).
    • The ventilation exhaust must be processed with HEPA* exhaust filtration
    • When exhaust ventilation is not feasible, PPE shall be utilized to prevent potential inhalation, dermal, and eye exposure to nanoparticles.
  • Latex or nitrile clean room gloves
  • Wet cleaning methods when cleaning equipment

Note: Additional PPE and or EHS controls may be required based on the dry powder nanomaterial properties

Alternatively, Control Banding may be employed when more is known about material reactivity, exposure duration and material state.

Specific Operations

Material Specific Controls