Marking Labeling and Signage

* “Post signs indicating hazards, personal protective equipment requirements, and administrative control requirements at entry points into designated areas where dispersible, engineered nanoparticles are handled. A designated area may be an entire laboratory, an area of a laboratory or a containment device such as a laboratory hood or glove box.

  • Where appropriate, label storage containers to plainly indicate that the contents are in engineered nanoparticulate form, e.g., ‘nanoscale zinc oxide particles’ or other identifier instead of just ‘zinc oxide.’
  • When engineered nanoparticles are being moved outside a Center, also include label text that indicates that the particulates might be unusually reactive and vary in toxic potential, quantitatively and qualitatively, from normal size forms of the same material.“1

1. U.S. Department of Energy, Nanoscale Science Research Centers, “Approach to Nanomaterial ES&H,” 9 (Rev. 3a May 12, 2008).