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Welcome to the Good Nano Guide

The mission of the GoodNanoGuide is to provide an Internet-based collaboration platform specially designed to enhance the ability of experts to exchange ideas on how best to handle nanomaterials in an occupational setting. It is meant to be an interactive forum that fills the need for up-to-date information about current good practices for managing nanomaterials in a work-related environment, highlighting new practices as they develop.

The goal of the GoodNanoGuide is to create a central repository for good practices for safely handling nanomaterials that can be used and contributed to by people from all over the world.

New to nanotechnology!!

Learn about nanomaterials and efforts to develop good workplace practices. Learn the Basics

Need nanomaterial specific information?

Find good workplace practices for classifying and handling specific types of nanomaterials. Material Guidelines

Concerned about general workplace practices?

Our expert matrix provides information on good practices for handling nanomaterials. OHS Expert Matrix

We encourage you to participate in this community effort. Visit our How to Help section to learn more about becoming a community member, sponsor or expert contributor. Registered users will be able to contribute content, which will be monitored by an Implementation Committee composed of occupational health and safety experts and other experts. This will ensure that the content is based on accepted practices that have been reviewed by a standards organization, governmental agency or other respected authority. See also:

GoodNanoGuide Fact Sheet

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