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  • Created 15 Jan 2014

Here are some links that go over Big Ideas in nanoscience. There are slight differences in the lists created by different organizations.

NISE Net’s 4 Big Ideas to Communicate to the Public

1) Nano is small and different

  • Size and scale
  • Small is different
  • Forces at the nanoscale

2) Nano is studying and making tiny things

  • Structure of matter
  • Applications

3) Nano is new technologies

4) Nano is part of our society and our future

:: NISE Net’s Nano and Society Big Ideas Training Guide


The Big Ideas of Nanoscale Science and Engineering— A Guidebook for Secondary Teachers

  • Size and Scale
  • Structure of Matter
  • Forces and Interactions
  • Quantum Effects
  • Size-Dependent Properties
  • Self-Assembly
  • Tools and Instrumentation
  • Models and Simulations
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