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  • Created 15 Jan 2014

Dragonfly TV: Nanosphere

Dragonfly TV Nano contains activities and projects in addition to videos that feature middle school students learning about nanoscale science and technology through exploration and inquiry activities.

Episode List:

Episode 1- Size and Scale

What’s Nano?
How big is a billion and how small is a nanometer?
Where’s Nano?
What other examples of nanoscale science and technology can we find in our everyday lives?
What’s Nano Game
Here are some images that you can challenge your students to place in order, from smallest to largest.

Episode 2- Structure of Matter

Hockey Sticks
See how Carbon Nanotubes can effect a slap-shot in hockey.
Butterfly Wings
Discover what butterflies and soap bubbles have in common.

Episode 3- Small is Different

Surface Area
Cookies, candies and a lot of kitchen fun to demonstrate surface area.
Stained Glass
How silver and gold make stained glass colorful.

Episode 4- Forces at the Nanoscale

Gecko Feet
Gecko feet and their nano-secret for climbing.
Nasturtium Leaves
Learn how some plants repel water with waxy nano-hairs.

Episode 5- Applications

Self-Assembly and Snowflakes?
Bone Regrowth
How are nanotubes improving the healing process of broken bones?

Episode 6- Nanotechnology and Society

Water Clean Up
How nanoiron helps with water pollution clean up.
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