COVID-19 Resources

With the appearance of COVID-19, the nanoBIO node has adjusted how it works. It has also begun developing tools and other resources for research and education. Please see the related webpages for more information.


COVID-19 Virtual Tissue Model - Tissue Infection and Immune Response Dynamics 

Simulates tissue and immune system interactions during a viral lung infection






PhysiCell for COVID-19 

  This model simulates replication dynamics of SARS-CoV-2 (coronavirus / COVID19) in a layer of epithelium. It is being rapidly prototyped and refined with community support. See related: PC4COVID19: Rapid Community Prototyping of a Coronavirus (COVID-19) Replication Simulator





Talks and Workshops

CompuCell 3D for COVID-19: Miniworkshop on CompuCell3D Virtual-Tissue Simulations of Infection