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Overview of the nanoBIO Project Geoffrey Fox







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Shape Changing Nanocontainers Tutorial [nanoHUB hosted video]



Educational Modules

Self-Assembly in Nanoconfinement

This lecture introduces concepts related to self-assembly and ionic interactions in nanoconfinement using nanoBIO tools. The lecture is part of a course, Nanoscale Simulations and Engineering Applications, that introduces students to the basics and applications of modeling and simulation to understand nanoscale phenomena.

Workshop Presentations

Winter Interactive nanoBUO Workshop series

The Winter Interactive nanoBIO Workshop will walk students and researchers through how to understand a variety of biological problems using simulations based on cloud-based tools on nanoHUB or other easy to use platforms. 

Go here for the workshop series group page.

Go here for a playlist of recorded sessions.

Introduction to PhysiCell 

This workshop presentation introduces PhysiCell, an open source physics-based cell simulator, that is used for the macro-scale modeling efforts of nanoBIO.

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Cloud Hosted mathematical models: links between education, research, and outreach

--Paul Macklin, Society for Mathematical Biology Annual Meeting

Full Workshops:

CompuCell 3D for COVID-19: Miniworkshop on CompuCell3D Virtual-Tissue Simulations of Infection


(coming soon)

July 2020 CompuCell3D workshop

August 2020 PhysiCell workshop

August 2020 Louis Stokes workshop


nanoHUB hosted

Overview of the nanoBIO Project Geoffrey Fox

Perspectives on High-Performance Computing in a Big Data World  Geoffrey Fox

Nanoscale Simulations & Engineering Applications: Applications - Self-Assembly in Nanoconfinement (Vikram Jadhao)

External videos

Model Simulation: Paul Macklin and Veronica Porubsky

High-throughput multicellular simulation studies with PhysiCell

High-Throughput Computational Studies in Disease and Tissue Engineering - Paul Macklin

Barriers to advancement: Defining the challenges

CompuCell3D channel