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The Nanomaterial Registry is a central registry and growing repository of publicly-available nanomaterial data which are fully curated based upon a set of Minimal Information about Nanomaterials (MIAN). Each nanomaterial curated into the Registry will provide the following information from a data source, when available:

  • Physico-characteristics – values, protocols, metadata
  • Information on the related biological and/or environmental studies
  • Instance of Characterization information – preparation, synthesis, and time frame leading up to the nanomaterial characterization
  • Validation back to the Data Source – scholarly article, manufacturer’s website, etc.

The full and most up-to-date Registry dataset is available at their website:

The Registry’s own website is designed to act much like a library, but has several evolving tools for physico-chemical data comparison.

The Nanomaterial Registry Portal at has been designed with the predictive modeler in mind. The dataset available at the Portal contains all nanomaterial records in which biological/environmental study data are available. This can help the predictive modeler find an appropriate set of records based on their assay or endpoint of interest.

Please use the portal to filter, search, and download the records you find most relevant and feel free to let us know if you have any questions or comments –


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