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NCN Stories

Chinese Engineering Freshmen Learn Materials Science Concepts With nanoHUB
Released February 20, 2019

Community College Students Thrive in URE Program
Released August 8, 2018

nanoMFG Node Releases Two Photon Lithography Simulation Tool
Released July 19, 2018

nanoHUB.org surpasses a quarter-million annual users
Released March 12, 2013

A student ‘hooked’ on nanoHUB: Quincy Williams
Released July 25, 2012

Circuit designer finds the knowledge to innovate
Released July 25, 2012

Simulation leads to more motivated students and improved teaching and learning
Released July 25, 2012

Online courses on the fundamentals of atomic force microscopy offered
Released June 27, 2012

Materials scientists find a world of simulation at TMS 2012
Released March 30, 2012

Simulations prompt insight into student learning
Released March 30, 2012

Students of nanoHUB-U enthusiastic about the course and its format
Released March 30, 2012

Undergraduate students develop research tools and learn more than programming
Released February 6, 2012


News Releases


nanoHUB logonanoHUB is the Top Computational Materials Science Resource, According to Study
Released October 10, 2018


nanoHUB logoEngineering Research Center (ERC) Observatory Portal Released
Released December 12, 2017


daniels-m11.pngPurdue researchers win $14.5 million NSF grant to take nanoHUB.org to next level  
Released February 5, 2013


klimeck-g07.jpgPurdue-led network awarded $18.25 million NSF grant to grow users, translate nanoscience into nanotechnology
Released September 20, 2007


lundstrom-m.jpgNSF, Purdue forms new nanotech center for simulations
Released January 15, 2003


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