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Students of nanoHUB-U enthusiastic about the course and its format


The inaugural class of nanoHUB-U students is excited about the instructor, online course format, and materials delivered on nanoHUB.

When the course taught by Supriyo Datta concluded March 9, students offered anonymous, overwhelmingly positive feedback and asked for more courses to be offered using the same approach.

Students commented:

“I have enrolled in plenty of online classes, and this class really stands out as a proof that a different approach is possible–that online classes need not be an imitation of real learning.”

“The course was very well planned and timed. Each and every course material was highly interesting and informative.”

“It was truly a fabulous learning experience. I appreciate the instructor’s and the hub’s ideology–the course is to inspire people.”

The course, titled Fundamentals of Nanoelectronics, Part 1: Basic Concepts, featured six 20-minute video lectures each week for five weeks, online discussion threads, homework assignments and tutorials, quizzes with immediate feedback, and graded exams. Students of the course also received an advance copy of Datta’s book, Lessons from Nanoelectronics: A New Perspective on Transport (World Scientific).

Students enjoyed the instruction, saying:

“Prof. Datta really helped for converting the herculean basics of fundamentals in nanoelectronics to understandable ones.”

“Prof. Datta’s style of delivering lecture is mind blowing.”

“The teaching by Prof. Datta was so awesome that is has inspired me to become a nano scientist.”

Of the 600 students registered during spring 2012, some enrolled exclusively for the instruction and learning material. Others wanted to obtain documentation that they had taken the course. One-third of the students completed all exams with a passing score to receive a proof of completion certificate or continuing education units.

Over 330 students enrolled in Datta’s second nanoHUB-U course, Fundamentals of Nanoelectronics, Part 2: Quantum Models, which covers quantum systems, non-equilibrium Green’s function (NEGF) method, conductance quantization, spin transistor, second law and information.

Additional nanoHUB-U courses are being developed by Purdue University professors for worldwide audiences from all branches of engineering and science. Courses on atomic force microscopy, taught by Arvind Raman and Ron Reifenberger, and the fundamentals of nanotransistors, taught by Mark Lundstrom, will be offered in the fall of 2012. nanoHUB-U courses incorporate simulation tools and other computational resources provided by nanoHUB.

More information and course registration is available from the nanoHUB-U website: https://nanohub.org/u.

Writer: Jennifer Crowell, communication specialist, Network for Computational Nanotechnology, 765-496-6541, jmcrowell@purdue.edu