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Workshop expands nanoHUB’s reach

Twenty-five science and engineering faculty and students from nine regional historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs) participated in a workshop held April 5-7 at Norfolk State University (NSU) to discuss how to include resources in their instruction.

Workshop participants represented Elizabeth City State University, Fayetteville State University, Hampton University, Johnson C. Smith University, Norfolk State University, North Carolina A&T, North Carolina Central University, Virginia State University, and Virginia Union University.

Suely M. Black, professor of chemistry at NSU, led a team of faculty and graduate students from NSU and Purdue University to deliver the workshop.

“It was stimulating to gather faculty of so many nearby HBCUs to discuss pedagogy and teaching nano using the tremendous resources at,” Black says. “We are committed to keep the connection going and have created a online group to facilitate future joint initiatives.”

NSU Ph.D. students Amanda Harding, Rabia Hussain, Mohammad Mayy, and Quincy Williams co-organized the workshop and advocated the use of nanoHUB resources in the classroom. Williams, a Ph.D. student in materials science and engineering, told workshop participants that nanoHUB has morphed from being “the site my teacher told me to go to” to “the place I go during speakers’ seminars to better understand what they are talking about.”

Krishna Madhavan, engineering education professor at Purdue, facilitated the activities in the first two days of the workshop and provided guidance for the workshop design. Natalia Noginova, associate professor of physics at NSU, shared her syllabus and exercises showcasing nanoHUB resources. Mikhail Noginov, professor of physics at NSU and the NSU faculty lead for the Network for Computational Nanotechnology project, presented a case study showing how nanoHUB can illustrate difficult physics concepts. The case study involved the Random Laser Dynamics tool and Random Lasers presentation on nanoHUB.

After the workshop, 15 individuals from these institutions joined nanoHUB, and many more were expected to join in the fall.

Writer: Jennifer Crowell, communication specialist, Network for Computational Nanotechnology, 765-496-6541,


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