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NEEDS 2017 Annual Review and Public Meeting

NEEDS 2017 Annual Review and Public Meeting

May 8-9, 2017

Purdue University

NEEDS is a five-year project funded by the National Science Foundation and the Semiconductor Research Corporation with a mission to advance device science and connect to applications. Our team at Purdue, Berkeley, MIT, and Stanford has focused on deeply physical, compact circuit models – the link between fundamental research at the nanoscale and system level applications. The fifth and final meeting will showcase research on applications enabled by these models and the open-source tools that we’ve developed to facilitate the creation of simulation-ready models.

The annual meeting is an opportunity to see the work of NEEDS – the research being done, the tools and models being developed, and the shared, open infrastructure being created. This year’s meeting is a special one as we reflect on what has been accomplished and where we are heading.  More than 30 student posters will give students and visitors opportunities to interact.  Day two will also be special. A forum on Graduate Education for 21st Century Electronics will present perspectives from students, industry, and faculty to guide us as we re-shape our educational programs for a new era of electronics.

About the schedule

The schedule in brief is:

May 8: NSF Review and Public Meeting
        Includes a working lunch and student poster session and an end-of-the-day reception for students and visitors from industry.
May 9: Forum on Graduate Education for 21st Century Electronics
        With perspectives from students and industry.

For more information, see the meeting agenda, list of posters, and the NEEDS website,, which is becoming a major resource for new era electronics.

Participating Companies/National Labs

List of confirmed attendees from companies/national labs

Dr. Surarshan Rangaraj
Dr. Geoffrey Coram
(Analog Device)
Dr. Babak Arfaei
Dr. Amit Marathe
Dr. Richard Williams
Dr. Greg Atwood
Dr. Colin McAndrew
Dr. Arun Maholtra
(Western Digital)
Dr. Jing Wang
Dr. Eric Keiter
(Sandia National Lab)
Dr. Srikanth Krishnan
Dr. Jushan Xie
Dr. Mark Stettler