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Getting Started with Compact Model Publications

Submit a new compact model to NEEDS in 5 steps:

1. In order to publish a Compact Model on nanoHUB, you must be logged in.

2. If you are not already on your "dashboard" page, click on your name near the upper right of any nanoHUB page.  This will take you to your "dashboard."

3. On the left menu, you will see a link for "Projects" - click here and create a new project to hold your Compact Model Files.  If you have an existing project on nanoHUB, use that project.  You can add any collaborators to your project as you are setting it up, or at a later date. 

4. Once the project is set up and you have uploaded your files, click on "Publications (Beta)" in the left hand menu (you must be in your project to see this link).

5. The publication process will take you step by step through the submission of your files.  Once you approve your draft publication, a curator will review it prior to publication on nanoHUB.

To update an existing, published compact model

1. First locate the published compact model publication space. You can do this by following the "Submit a new compact model to NEEDS in 5 steps" above until step 4.

2. Once you are in the publications space, select the compact model you would like to update.

3. Inside the compact model's publication space, you can start a new revision submission. The current version compact model files are all displayed, and you only need to replace the items you wish to update. For example, if you wish to update the VA file from 1.0.0 to 1.0.1, replace the VA file and enter 1.0.1 as the new version number.

If you have any questions, please submit a ticket on nanoHUB using the purple "Need Help?" button near the upper right of any nanoHUB page.  Give as many details as possible regarding the problem or question you have.

More detailed instructions as to what to include in each file are available on the NEEDS For Developers page. Look for "Resources for deploying NEEDS compact models.”