Lessons from Nanoscience Lecture Notes Series

More than 50 years of research and development have created the sophisticated technologies that have shaped the world we live in. The transformation of engineering education from the practice-driven vacuum tube era to our science-driven semiconductor era played an important role in this success. Today we face new challenges in educating students, engineers, and applied scientists for a new era of electronics. Engineers will continue to need a deep understanding of their specialty, but they now also need a much broader understanding of science and technology than in the past. They need to be comfortable working from the atomic scale to the macroscale – from the materials and devices level to the system level. Lessons from Nanoscience aims to bring new approaches and new ways of thinking to materials, devices, and systems. The goal is to re-think the way we teach these topics so that working from the nanoscale to the system scale is seamless and intuitive. The Lessons from Nanoscience lecture notes series is one component of an ambitious educational initiative that includes free, online short courses offered through

Curriculum on Nanotechnology

An Introduction to BioMEMS and Bionanotechnology 

Fundamentals of Nanoelectronics (Fall 2004)

Quantum Transport: Atom to Transistor (Spring 2004)

Computational Electronics 

ECE 612 Nanoscale Transistors (Fall 2006)

ECE 695s Nanophotonics 

MSE 376 Nanomaterials 

CQT: Concepts of Quantum Transport

BME 695N: Engineering Nanomedical Systems (Fall 2007) 

Reliability Physics of Nanoscale Transistors

Lectures on Molecular Dynamics Modeling of Materials

MSE 582 Transmission Electron Microscopy Skills 

Overview of Computational Nanoscience: a UC Berkeley Course 

MSE 640 Transmission Electron Microscopy and Crystalline Imperfections 

Illinois Physics 498: Introduction to Biological Physics 

Metamaterials: A New Paradigm of Physics and Engineering

Illinois ECE 460 Principles of Optical Imaging (Fall 2008) 

Illinois MATSE 280: Introduction to Engineering Materials 

Illinois ECE 440: Solid State Electronic Devices 

Nanoelectronics and the Meaning of Resistance

Physics of Nanoscale MOSFETs 

ECE 612: Nanoscale Transistors (Fall 2008)

ECE 495N: Fundamentals of Nanoelectronics

Percolation Theory

ECE 606: Principles of Semiconductor Devices 

MSE 597G An Introduction to Molecular Dynamics 

Illinois ECE 598EP Hot Chips: Atoms to Heat Sinks 

Illinois MatSE485/Phys466/CSE485 - Atomic-Scale Simulation 

ECE 659 Quantum Transport: Atom to Transistor 

ECET 499N: Introduction to Nanotechnology 

Nanostructured Electronic Devices: Percolation and Reliability 

Colloquium on Graphene Physics and Devices 

Illinois ECE 498AL: Programming Massively Parallel Processors 

ECE 656: Electronic Transport in Semiconductors (Fall 2009) 

Illinois ME 498NF: Introduction of Nano Science and Technology 

ME 597/PHYS 570: Fundamentals of Atomic Force Microscopy (Fall 2009) 

Short Course on Molecular Dynamics Simulation

Atomic Picture of Plastic Deformation in Metals via Online Molecular Dynamics Simulations 

Nanoelectronic Modeling: From Quantum Mechanics and Atoms to Realistic Devices 

Illinois Phys550 Molecular Biophysics 

Illinois ECE 440: Solid State Electronic Devices Homework Assignments (Fall 2009)

Illinois ABE 446: Biological Nanoengineering

Nanoelectronic Devices, With an Introduction to Spintronics

ME 597/PHYS 570: Fundamentals of Atomic Force Microscopy (Fall 2010) 

Tutorial 3: Materials Simulation by First-Principles Density Functional Theory

MSE 405 Physics of Solids 

Device Characterization with the Keithley 4200-SCS 

Physics for Future Presidents 

Illinois Nano EP Seminar Series

ME597/AAE590: Introduction to Uncertainty Quantification 

[Illinois] ECE 398: Electronic and Photonic Devices 

CHM 696: Supramolecular and Nanostructured Materials 

Tutorial 4: Far-From-Equilibrium Quantum Transport

Illinois ECE598XL Semiconductor Nanotechnology

Near-Equilibrium Transport: Fundamentals and Applications 

ECE 656: Electronic Transport in Semiconductors (Fall 2011)

ECE 616: Ultrafast Optics 

Thermal Transport Across Interfaces 

BME 695L: Engineering Nanomedical Systems 

Solar Cell Fundamentals 

Atomistic Material Science 

Illinois BIOE 498 BioNanotechnology and Nanomedicine: Applications in Cancer and Mechanobiology 

Illinois ECE 460 Optical Imaging 

[Illinois] Introduction to Bioinformatics 

Negative Bias Temperature Instability (NBTI) in p-MOSFETs: Characterization, Material/Process Dependence and Predictive Modeling 

[Illinois] ECE 564 Modern Light Microscopy 

Rappture Bootcamp: Building and Deploying Tools 

Nanoscale Transistors

NEMO5 Tutorials (2012 Summer School) 

ECE 595Z Digital Systems Design Automation 

MSE 597GM: Introduction to Rechargeable Batteries 

ECE 606 Solid State Devices 

ECE 695A Reliability Physics of Nanotransistors 

ECE 595E Numerical Simulations for Energy Applications 

[Illinois] PHYS466 2013: Atomic Scale Simulations 

[Illinois] MCB 493 Neural Systems Modeling 

[Illinois] ECE 416: Biosensors 

PHYS 620: Optical Properties of Solids 

Electrical Safety & Safe Work Practices 

ECE 695S: Nanophotonics and Metamaterials 

[Illinois] Physics 550 Biomolecular Physics 

MSE 597H: Introduction to the Materials Science of Rechargeable Batteries 

[Illinois] MCB 529 BRH Biological Rhythms in Health and Disease 

ME 517: Micro- and Nanoscale Processes 

ME 592: Fundamentals of Particle Image Velocimetry 

NCN Summer School 2014

Wigner Formalism and the Wigner Monte Carlo Method Based on Signed Particles 

MSE 498: Computational Materials Science and Engineering 

NACK Unit 3: Materials in Nanotechnology 

Quantum Cluster Theories Short Course 

[Illinois] Biophysics 401: Introduction to Biophysics 

E304: Introduction to Nano Science & Technology 

[Illinois] ECE 564: Modern Light Microscopy 

[Illinois] Physics 598BP: Experimental Biophysics 

ECE 695Q: Nanometer Scale Patterning and Processing 

2016 IMECE Tutorials on Phonon Transport Modeling 

ECE 552: Introduction to Lasers 

ECE 695NS: Numerical Simulations of Electro-optic Energy Systems 

CNIT 581: Navy Leadership in Power and Energy 

NACK Unit 6: Basic Characterization Techniques 

ME 597UQ Uncertainty Quantification 

ME 697 Micro and Nano Fluid Mechanics 

NACK Unit 5: Nanotechnology Applications 

Opti-500 (Fall 2011)