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The NEEDS Team

NEEDS Faculty

Purdue (ECE):
Mark Lundstrom (Purdue Lead)
M. A. Alam
Zhihong Chen
Supriyo Datta
Pedro Irazoqui
Anand Raghunathan
Kaushik Roy
Ali Shakouri

U.C. Berkeley (EECS):
Jaijeet Roychowdhury (UCB Lead)
Elad Alon
Constance (Connie) Chang-Hasnain

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (EECS):
Dimitri Antoniadis (MIT Lead)
Luca Daniel
Dana Weinstein
Michael Watts

H.-S. Philip Wong (Stanford lead)
Subhasish Mitra
Eric Pop

Information for NEEDS Participants – Restricted to NEEDS personnel

Accessing the Restricted Page for NEEDS Participants:

You must be a member of the NEEDS group and logged in to nanoHUB to access the restricted areas of the the NEEDS site.

If you are a NEEDS participant and would like to request access to the restricted content for NEEDS participants, please submit a support ticket requesting to be added the the NEEDS Group. In that ticket, provide the name of the faculty member on the NEEDS team you are working with. Once your participation in the NEEDS project is confirmed, access to the restricted areas of the NEEDS website will be provided.