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  • Created 29 Jun 2010

Which Make Files are System Dependent?

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  1. Sapan Agarwal


    I’m trying to get Nemo to compile on Carver at NERSC (Lawrence Berkeley National Lab) and I was wondering which make files are dependent on the particular system. To me it seems that the key makefiles that I need to edit are ./ (created by ./ from ./ and a system dependent makefile in ./mkfiles/.

    It looks like ./ also updates ./prototype/make.common to set the home directory but that is it.

    Do I need to update any of the other makefiles?

    Also, I could not find the /prototype/doc folder in the source code uploaded in the resources section for the doxygen documentation.

    Thank you, Sapan

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  2. James Fonseca

    Hi Sapan, We are generally able to build on new systems by editing only the configuration file in the mkfiles directory. Looking at the Carver system, my best guess would be to start from the configuration file. Specific systems like Jaguar and Kraken sometimes require us to add special cases in the other Makefiles…

    You’re right.. Thanks for catching that. I will add the new source code revision with the doc directory included this afternoon. It will be revision 8108. Jim

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  3. Michael Povolotskyi

    Hi Sapan, basically you need to customize for your system. The system dependent files are to make more readable. So, I suggest you create something like


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