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  • Created 29 Jun 2010

install nemo5 from source on CentOS

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  1. 黃睦涵


    I’ve tried to install NEMO5 from source on our CentOS system. I followed the readme file downloaded from the resources which is for Ubuntu/Kubuntu, and there are several packages should be updated or installed. However, Ubuntu and Kubuntu each requires different packages. so I was wondering which packages, or are there any other packages, are required if I want to install NEMO5 on CentOS? and also, are the installation steps same as the Ubuntu’s for CentOS?

    Best regards,

    Mu-Han Huang

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  2. James Fonseca

    Hi, You should try to run on nanoHUB via the method described in the wiki. Unfortunately we cannot provide detailed assistance for builds on different machines. The basic steps are the same for installation and the packages should be similar for those different systems. Jim

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