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Ting-Kuo Kang Member
Cheng Shiu University
Gerhard Klimeck Managers
Purdue University
Member Roles: project lead
Roza Kotlyar Member
Intel Corporation
Member Roles: developer
Dmitri Nikonov Member
Intel Corporation
Tom Linton Member
Intel Corporation
Rajib Rahman Managers
Purdue University
Marcelo Kuroda Member
IBM TJ Watson Research Center
James Fonseca Managers
Purdue University
Panagiotis Dimitrakis Member
National Center for Scientific Research "Demokritos" - Institute of Microelectroncis
Parijat Sengupta Member
Purdue University
Clarence K Lee Member
University of Melbourne
Petrica Cristea Member
University of Bucharest - Faculty of Physics
yanwu lu Member
Arizona State University
Shaikh S. Ahmed Member
Southern Illinois University Carbondale
Ki-Ha Hong Member
Hanbat National University
Muhammad Usman Member
University of Melbourne
Dragica Vasileska Member
Arizona State University
Sefer Bora Lisesivdin Member
Gazi University
Sebastian Steiger Member
Purdue University
Member Roles: core developer
Saumitra Raj Mehrotra Member
Purdue University
David Lima Azevedo Member
Universidade Federal do Maranhao - UFMA
Jose Manuel Llorens Member
Microelectronics Institute of Madrid, Spanish Research Council (CSIC)
Ferhat Nutku Member
Arvind Ajoy Member
Purdue University
Behtash Behin-Aein Member
Global Foundries
Zhao PEi Member
University of Notre Dame
Sean Rommel Member
Rochester Institute of Technology
Youngjin Choi Member
Ganesh Krishna Hegde Member
Purdue University
Pilkyung Moon Member
Korea Institute for Advanced Study
Seung Hyun Park Member
Purdue University
SungGeun Kim Member
Purdue University
David Kohen Member
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
zachary tschirhart Member
University of Texas at Austin
Hakim Meziani Member
Constantine University Algeria
Hur, Ji hyun Member
samsung electronics
Chris Bowen Member
Zhengping Jiang Member
Purdue University
Samiran Ganguly Member
Purdue University
Woo-Suhl Cho Member
Purdue University
Yaohua Tan Member
Purdue University
Yui-Hong Matthias Tan Member
Purdue University
MF Member
Princeton University
Tarun Kr Agarwal Member
Muhammad Shaffatul Islam Member
Khulna Uinversity of Engineering & Technology
Steven Schofield Member
University College London
Sapan Agarwal Member
University of California, Berkeley
Mehdi Salmani Jelodar Member
Purdue University
Sam MSU Member
University of Twente
Carlos Augusto Costa Member
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