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  • Created 29 Jun 2010


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Howard, Adam Member
Hsu, Ching-Yi Member
University of California, Berkeley
Hsueh, Yuling Member
Purdue University
huang, zhongkai Member
Xiangtan University China
Huff, Andrew Member
Purdue University
Huq, Md. Member
Hussain, Sajid Member
University of Trieste Italy
hyun, Hur, Member
samsung electronics
Ilatikhameneh, Hesameddin Member
Purdue University
Islam, Muhammad Member
Khulna Uinversity of Engineering & Technology
Iutzi, Ryan Member
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
Jacobs, Kristof Member
jbara, ahmed Member
jewel, mohi Member
Weber State University
Jiang, Zhengping Member
Purdue University
jin, lian Member
The National University of Defense Technology(NUDT) of China
Joseph, John Member
Boston University
Joshi, Saumil Member
University of Colorado, Boulder
K, Anvesh Raja Member
Amity University, India
Kanaparthi, Srinivasulu Member
Kang, Ting-Kuo Member
Cheng Shiu University
Kanungo, Sayan Member
Bengal Engineering and Science University
Karako, Th Member
Kardynal, Beata Member
Froschungszentrum Juelich, Germany
Keshtkaran, Kaveh Member
Ohio State University
Kim, Sangwook Member
University of California, Berkeley
Kim, SungGeun Member
Purdue University
kim, jungwon Member
Kim, Jongseob Member
Klimeck, Gerhard Managers
Purdue University
Member Roles: project lead
Klymenko, Mykhailo Member
University of Liege
Kohen, David Member
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
Koleini, Mohammad Member
Korkut, Hatun Member
Koshkarev, Anton Member
Rzhanov Institute of Semiconductor Physics SB RAS
Kotani, Teruhisa Member
The University of Tokyo
Kotlyar, Roza Member
Intel Corporation
Member Roles: developer
Koziol, Zbigniew Member
Oryol State Technical University
Kubis, Tillmann Managers
Purdue University
Member Roles: core developer
Kuehnel, Laura Member
Kulshrestha, Neha Member
Kumar, Abhishek Member
Lovely Professional University
Kumar, R Member
kumar, jitendra Member
IIT Guwahati
Kuroda, Marcelo Member
Auburn University
Kwon, SEOK Member
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
lahmer, ali Member
university of boumerdes
Larentis, Stefano Member
University of Texas at Austin
Lee, Chi-Shuen Member
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