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Home Groups How to Organize and Host a nanoHUB Workshop for Faculty Step By Step
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  • Created 12 Apr 2012

Before The Workshop

* Set up an online registration form: workshop_registration_form.pdf (167 KB).

* Look for local colleges and universities for possible attendees.

* Send an invitation about the workshop Invitation_letter.pdf (60 KB).

* Confirm the number of attendees via email .

* Have the participants register for a nanoHUB account.

* Ask participants to learn how to navigate nanoHUB via “how-to” videos nsu_ncnworkshop/wiki/Linkstolearningtools.

* Urge participants to practice navigating nanoHUB before the workshop.

* Arrange for hotel rooms.

* Arrange for transportation for attendees (to and from the airport, if necessary; to and from the hotel every day).

* Arrange for rooms for the workshop presentations.

* Arrange for Wifi access.

* Arrange for meals.

* Prepare name tags, folders (insert: a pen, the handout documents and the agenda), and a camera for photos.

* Upload the workshop presentations and related documents.

* Send a Pre__Workshop_Survey.pdf (193 KB) to all registered people to survey their prior experience and thoughts about online resources, pedagogy etc.

* Set up a parking area for the attendees, or provide a temporary parking decal.

* Confirm the hotel and transportation with the attendees, and resolve any issues.

* Place a sign-in sheet.

Upon Participant Arrival

* Disseminate folders, name tags, etc.

* Assist the attendees with Wifi and local computers.

* Assist the presenters with setting up their presentations.

* Help the attendees during the presentations, especially how to use, ensuring that everyone is on board and following the presentation.

Day One:

* Give a brief introduction to nanoHUB; what is it, how to use it.

* Tell the participants what is our expectation for them, and what you plan to teach them.

* Give an easy, quick activity in the evening to prepare for the next day.

Day Two:

* Provide case studies to illustrate how faculty are using nanoHUB in their classes.

* Show step by step how to incorporate nanoHUB in teaching, using a real-life example.

* Use a students’ example of how his faculty utilized nanoHUB in the classroom; this can help faculty design a better “learner-centered” environment, Learning with nanoHUB.

* Discuss whether participants achieved their learning objectives.

* Provide professional input to the participants as they design a learning tool based on nanoHUB resources.

Day Three:

* Ask participants to present their nanoHUB learning tool to the group for feedback and sharing.

* Collect the receipts for hotel and hotel parking.

After The Workshop

* Send out the post-workshop surveys. Post_Workshop_Survey_for_the_three_day_attendees.pdf (215 KB) or Post_Workshop_Survey_for_the_two_day_attendees.pdf (215 KB)

* Complete the reimbursement for hotel and parking.

* Collect the attendees post-workshop survey responses.

* Analyze the workshop surveys.

* Write a report for the funding agency., a resource for nanoscience and nanotechnology, is supported by the National Science Foundation and other funding agencies. Any opinions, findings, and conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of the National Science Foundation.