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Julius Springer Forum on Applied Physics

Stanford University Carl F. Braun Lecture Hall, Mudd Building Saturday October 16th, 2010 8:45 Hongjie Dai (Stanford) “Novel nanomaterials based on carbon“ 9:15 Zhiyong Li (hp labs Palo Alto) “Surface Enhanced Raman Scattering: SERS“ 9:45 Philip Kim (Columbia) “Electron transport in graphene “ Julius Springer Prize for Applied Physics: Federico Capasso and Henri Lezec 10:30 Break/refreshments/Invited Posters 11:00 Federico Capasso (Harvard) “New frontiers of Nanophotonics: materials and devices“ 11:30 David Awschalom (UC Santa Barbara) “Quantum control and nanoscale placement of single spins in diamond“ 12:00 Henri Lezec (NIST) “Left-handed plasmonic metamaterials in the visible: negative refraction and negative radiation pressure“ 12:30 Break/Invited Posters 14:00 Stan Williams (Hewlett-Packard hp labs, Palo Alto) “The Memristor“ 14:30 Harry Atwater (Caltech, Pasadena) “Electromagnetic energy transport below the diraction limit“ 15:00 Eli Yablonovitch (UC Berkeley) “Energy Ecient Electronics: Searching for the Milli-Volt Switch“ 15:30 Break/refreshments/Invited Posters 16:00 Craig Vierra (University of the Pacic) “Identication and Synthesis of novel materials based on Spider Fibers“ 16:30 Mark Brongersma (Stanford) “Plasmonics: Challenges and Achievements“ 17:00 Xiang Zhang (UC Berkeley) “Optical Metamaterials: negative refraction, superlens and plasmon lasers“ Julius Springer Forum on Applied Physics Carl F. Braun Lecture Hall, Mudd Building For free participation please pre-register by Oct 11th, 2010 via E-mail to:

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