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SOLAR CELLS: From Basics to Advanced Systems

SOLAR CELLS: From Basics to Advanced Systems

Chenming Hu and Richard M. White
University of California, Berkeley
McGraw-Hill Book Company, 1983

This book is intended both as a self-learning resource or professional reference and as a text for use in an undergraduate or first-year graduate course. A key feature of the book is modular organization. The twelve chapters, each containing problems and a reference list, may be read in almost any order, though they are grouped in three parts in order of increasing depth and complexity. The three parts discuss fundamentals, complete systems, and possibilities for improvements, respectively.

Posted with the permission of:

Chenming Calvin Hu
TSMC Chair Professor in Graduate School
University of California, Berkeley

  1. Photovoltaic
  2. Solar
  3. solar cell
  4. solar energy

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