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Events List

  1. NPT SURF weekly meeting

    SURF students report their progress to mentors and professors. google doc: https://docs.google.com/present/edit?id=0Afb5IgGFCiJ5ZGtjbmM1cV8xMmczZmR3Y2Mz

  2. 38th IEEE Photovoltaic Specialists Conference

    Most graduate mentors will be gone for the conference

  3. NPT SURF student meeting

    we will have a meeting tomorrow at 1:00 PM in DLR room 423. The following items are among topics of discussion: 1. SURF project assignments: We will briefly overview the projects assigned to each of you. 2. NPT website feedbacks: As discussed last week, we've asked you to go over the website www.nanohub.org/groups/pv and give some feedbacks (suggestions, comments, broken links, etc.) Please be prepared to share some feedbacks with us.

  4. ERI NPT Center Year 1 Review

    no content