Photovoltaics HUB

Photovoltaics HUB


Events List

  1. NPT SURF weekly meeting

    SURF students report their progress to mentors and professors. google doc:

  2. 38th IEEE Photovoltaic Specialists Conference

    Most graduate mentors will be gone for the conference

  3. NPT SURF student meeting

    we will have a meeting tomorrow at 1:00 PM in DLR room 423. The following items are among topics of discussion: 1. SURF project assignments: We will briefly overview the projects assigned to each of you. 2. NPT website feedbacks: As discussed last week, we've asked you to go over the website and give some feedbacks (suggestions, comments, broken links, etc.) Please be prepared to share some feedbacks with us.

  4. ERI NPT Center Year 1 Review

    no content