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Sustainable Nanotechnology Organization Conference

Sunday, November 4, 2012  
Registration (8:30-10:00)
10:00 Welcome: SNO Vision, mission, context, why, survey, etc. Wunmi Sadik, Barbara Karn
10:30 Plenary I: Nanotechnology Susustainability and Safe Implementation Andre Nel
11:15 Plenary II: Global Issues for Sustainable
Mike Roco
Lunch (12:00-13:00)  
Concurrent Session 1a: Green Synthesis
13:00 Greener Pathways to Nanomaterials and Their Sustainable Applications Rajender S. Varma
13:30 Green Synthesis of Nanomaterials: A Necessity for Sustainability Barbara Karn
13:50 Synthesis and Processing of Metallic Nanomaterials using
CO2 eXpanded Liquids as a Green Solvent Media
Christopher L. Kitchens
14:10 Rational Design of Carbon Nanotube Dispersions and Toxicity Elimination Jean-Claude J. Bonzongo
14:30 A novel method for bacteria inactivation using Engineered Water Nanostructures Georgios Pyrgiotakis
14:50 Gate-to-Gate Life Cycle Assessment of Gold Nanoparticle Synthesis Process Paramjeet Pati
15:10 Nanoarchitectonic Approaches to Design Green Polymers to Enhance Effectiveness of Nanoparticles in Groundwater Remediation Achintya Bezbaruah
15:30 Safe by design: Demonstrating the efficiency of a safer formulation concept for flame-generated engineered nanomaterials (ENMs) Phil Demokritou
Break (15:50-16:10)
16:10 Ceria Nanoparticles: Planned and Unplanned Preparation, Delivery, and Environmental Impacts on Particle Properties Donald R. Baer
16:30 Fate of Nanomaterials in Municipal Solid Waste Landfills Stephanie C. Bolyard
16:50 Coherent vibrational and electronic spectroscopy of engineered and natural nanoparticles Franz M. Geiger
Concurrent Session 1b: Environmental Applications
13:00 Nanomaterials and the Environment: Scientific Issues for Chemists and Materials Scientists Robert J. Hamers
13:30 Greener Magnetic nano-Adsorbents for Water Treatment Arturo A. Keller
13:50 Graphene-Based Environmental Barriers Fei Guo
14:10 Sustainable technologies to reduce and safely degrade pollutants Wunmi Sadik
14:30 Oil-Water Separation by Wrap-and-Pull Using Superparamagnetic Carbon Nanotubes Chongzheng Na
14:50 Adherence of Silver Nanoparticles to Ceramic Water Filters: the Value of Raman Spectroscopy Anne Mikelonis
15:10 Effect of manufacturing variables and influent water conditions on bacterial reduction effectiveness of point-of-use ceramic water filters Hongyin Zhang
15:30 Synergistic Effects between Solar Light-activated NF-TiO2 and Various Oxidants for the Destruction of Atrazine and Amitrole in Water Joel Anderson
Break (15:50-16:10)  
16:10 Antimicrobial Properties of Fullerene Derivatives as a Function of Structure and Aggregation State Samuel Snow
16:30 Numerical electrokinetic method to determine surface coating thickness on nanoparticles improves prediction of transport behavior Stacey M. Louie
16:50 The interaction of silver and cerium oxide nanoparticles with algae, daphnia and soft water OECD media and fulvic acid. R. C. Merrifield
Concurrent Session 1c: Sustainable Nano Curriculum & Education
13:00 The Interdisciplinary nature of Nanoscience and Technology Education Sudipta Seal
13:30 Teaching systems thinking for sustainable nanotechnology Callie Babbitt
13:50 Direct to Discovery (D2D): An Innovative Digital Approach to Extending University-based Nanoscience into K-12 Classrooms in the US and Abroad W. Jud Ready
14:10 Teaching Ethics through Role Playing in a Nanotechnology Class for First Year College Students Kurt Winkelmann
14:30 Making use of the educational potential of nanoscale energy production and conservation George Lisensky
14:50 Opportunities and Challenges toward Education at the Nanoscale James Murday
15:10 Use of Sustainable Nanotechnology Examples in the College Classroom: A Rich Educational Opportunity Deb Newberry
Break (15:50-16:10)  
16:10 NCPI 2.0: Re-inventing the Nanotechnology Consumer Products Inventory through a unique University/NGO Partnership Matt Hull
16:30 "Yes, I See." - Bringing Nanotechnology Education to Undergraduate Classrooms Lei Zhai
16:50 Asian Efforts Towards Sustainable Development of Nanotechnology Lerwen Liu
Reception/cash bar (18:00-19:00)
Dinner and Business Meeting (19:00)
Monday, November 5, 2012
8:30 Plenary III: Industry and Sustainable Nanotechnology Celia Merzbacher
9:15 Plenary IV: Role of Sustainable Nanotechnology in
Economic Development
Thomas Guevara
Break (10:00-10:20)
Concurrent Session 2a: Risk Assessment & Industry
10:20 Critical issues in Risk Assessment of Engineered Nanomaterials: The way towards a sustainable nanotechnology industry Philip Demokritou
10:50 Exposure assessment and health outcomes attributable to the nano fraction of familiar polydisperse aerosols Joseph Brain
11:10 Responses to Pulmonary Exposure to Carbon Nanotubes in NIOSH Animal Studies Vincent Castranova
11:30 Nanocomposite materials: Industrial applications and corresponding models of nanofiller release. Wendel Wohlleben
11:50 Risk Assessment for Nanoparticles during Lithium-ion Battery Pre-recycling Processes Xue Wang
Concurrent Session 2b: Medical Applications
10:20 Medical applications Dorothy Farrell
11:10 Multifunctional plasmonic nanoparticles for biomedical applications Georgios A. Sotiriou
11:30 Mesoporous Silica Nanoparticles as Complex Bioactive Delivery Vehicles Kathleen Eggleson
11:50 RGD Modified Ferritin Nanocages for Imaging and Drug Delivery Jin Xie
12:10 Routes of Cellular Uptake of Nano-sized Materials Depend on Compositions of Cell-Penetrating Peptides Yue-Wern Huang
Concurrent Session 2c: Legal Aspects/Policy Considerations
10:20 Legal Aspects/Policy Considerations Lynn L. Bergeson
10:50 Guiding emerging technologies: Applying principles of sustainability and anticipatory governance Rider Foley
11:10 Soft Law and Nanotechnology: A Functional Perspective Timothy F. Malloy
11:30 Regulating nano-containing products: identifying gaps in characterizing risks Therese Garvey
11:50 Bridging the Gap Between the Nanotechnology Consumer Products Inventory and Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) Sean McGinnis
12:10 MEGA-Nano Forums and Optimal Regulation for the Safe Development of Nanotechnology Richard Reibstein
Lunch (12:30-13:30)
Concurrent Session 3a: Toxicology of Nanomaterials
13:30 The Value of Nanotoxicity Testing to Sustainability Bellina Veronesi
14:00 A novel method for measuring effective density of nano-agglomerates in liquid suspensions: Implications for in vitro dosimetry and nanotoxicology Joel Cohen
14:20 Nanoparticle binding to homogenous and heterogenous model cell membranes Aihong Xi
14:40 Interaction of Multiwalled Carbon Nanotubes with Model Cell Membranes Kai Loon Chen
15:00 The chemistry of sustainable nanotechnology: Impacts of nanomaterial chemistry on the chronic environmental impacts on aquatic species using acute genomic and behavioral information Devrah Arndt
15:20 Influence of Protein Corona on Nanosilver Toxicity in Epithelial and Endothelial Cells Jonathan Shannahan
Break (15:40-16:00)
16:00 Inhibition of Lung Surfactant by Nanoparticles ? More Than Cytotoxicity? Yi Y. Zuo
16:20 Nanoscale Silver Mediated DNA Damage Under Cell-Free Conditions Bryant C. Nelson
16:40 The Effect of Nanoparticle Size, Shape, Coating and Composition on Skin Toxicity. Nancy A. Monteiro-Riviere
17:00 Wound healing of human cells from the cornea is impacted by nanoparticles Enhua H. Zhou
Concurrent Session 3b: Occupational Health and Safety, Occupational Hygiene
13:30 Sustainable Occupational Health and Safety for the Nanotechnology Industry Thomas M. Peters
14:00 Incorporating Life Cycle Thinking into Risk Assessment for Nanoscale Materials: Case Study of Nanocellulose Jo Anne Shatkin
14:20 Occupational Health & Sustainability; OEHS as a Tool for Innovation Donald Ewert
14:40 Occupational Health & Safety Candace Tsai
15:00 Development and Field Evaluation of the Thermophoretic Personal Sampler (TPS) Gary Casuccio
15:20 Verification of the DiSCmini Personal Monitor for Exposure to Nanoparticles in the Workplace Jessica Mills
Break (15:40-16:00)
16:00 Methods to Evaluate the Effectiveness of Nanoparticle Control Technologies Michael Ellenbecker
16:20 Sustainability Standard Metrics for Nanomaterials and Nanotechnologies: State of Play Jo Anne Shatkin
16:40 Unintentional exposure to nanoparticles via an industrial silicon processing accident Orion Wenrich
Concurrent Session 3c: Green Energy
13:30 Nanotechnology for Sustainable Energy Ram B. Gupta
14:00 Stoichiometric control of light absorption by copper-sulfide-based nanoparticles Katherine E. Plass
14:20 Solar-Light Induced Plasmonic Energy Transfer from Metal to Semiconductor Nianqiang (Nick) Wu
14:40 Probing the diffusion of colloidal nanoparticles to reveal interactions with complex environments Stephan Link
15:00 Evaluation of properties and performance of nanoscopic materials in vanadium boride-air batteries Jessica Stuart
15:20 Nanomaterials in Organic Photovoltaics Annick Anctil
Break (15:40-16:00)
16:00 Towards Solar Fuel Generation with a Carbon Nitride Photocatalyst Timothy L. Shelton
16:20 Sustainable Energy from Polymer Nanocomposites Mark Dadmun
16:40 Microwave Assisted Synthesis of Germanium Nanoparticles for Photovoltaic Applications Elayaraja Muthuswamy
17:00 Nanoscale perspectives on plastic electronic materials and devices Zhongjian Hu
  Posters (17:30-19:30)  
Tuesday, November 6, 2012
8:30 Plenary V: Societal and policy considerations David Guston
9:15 Plenany VI: Sustainability Analysis for Products and Processes Subhas Sikdar
Break (10:00-10:20)
Concurrent Session 4a: Standards/ Characterization
10:20 Sustainable nanotechnology and the UN Millennium Goals Clayton Teague
10:50 Transmission electron microscopy for primary particle size distributions of nanomaterials: gold nanoparticle case study. Angela Hight-Walker
11:10 Characterization of Nanomaterials Relevant to Biomolecular Interactions Jim E. Riviere
11:30 Sustainable Cellulose Nanomaterials Standards Development World Nieh
11:50 Development of Nanoscale Reference Materials at NIST: Challenges and Considerations for Sustainable Nanotechnology Vincent A. Hackley
12:10 Sizing Nanoparticles for a SustainableFuture – Status, Limitations and Opportunities Scott C. Brown
Concurrent Session 4b: Advanced Manufacturing
10:20 Nanomaterials-based Sustainable Nanomanufacturing for Electronics, Energy and Biotechnology Applications Ahmed Busnaini
10:50 Sustainability Assessment of Nanocoating Material: A Life Cycle Based Multiscale Approach Yinlun Huang
11:10 Simple Benchtop Reactor System for the High-throughput Synthesis of Functionalize Gold Nanoparticles and Nanorods Samuel E. Lohse
11:30 Titanium Dioxide Photo-Oxidation Efficiency in Small-Scale  Photothermal Waste Degradation Reactors Christopher N. Bremer
11:50 Improving the performance of nanocrystal devices through the encapsulation of semiconductor nanocrystals into heteroepitaxial inorganic matrices. Mikhail Zamkov
12:10 Life Cycle Issues for Scalable Nanomanufacturing of CNT-enabled products Jackie Issacs
Concurrent Session 4c: NIEHS Grantees
10:20 Understanding Mast Cell Activation in the Development of Safe Nanotechnologies Jared Brown
10:50 Relationship between protein adsorption and nanotoxicity Wenwan Zhong
11:10 Paper Based Disposable Testing Kits for in vitro Genotoxicity Assay upon Nanomaterial Exposure Chen-Zhong Li
11:30 Distribution of C60 and Nanosilver in Rats and Mice Susan Sumner
11:50 Carbon Nanotube, Nanosilver and Nanoclay Protein Corona Composition in Cell Culture Media Frank A. Witzmann
12:10 Tying distinct nanoparticle properties to intracellular fate and response in alveolar epithelial cells Galya Orr
Lunch (12:30-13:30)
Concurrent Session 5a: Sensors/ instruments/monitoring
13:30 Addressing the Challenges of Rapid & Accurate Characterization of Engineered Nanomaterials Wunmi Sadik
14:00 Sensing with cation exchange in nanocrystals and nanoclusters Wenwan Zhong
14:20 Detection of Heavy Metals by Quantum Dot Based Fluorescent Biosensor Via Nanometal Surface Energy Transfer Nianqiang (Nick) Wu
14:40 Monitoring Nanoparticle Interactions at Biological Interfaces with Nonlinear Optics Stephanie Walter
15:00 Attachment of modularly functionalized TiO2 nanoparticles to model environmental surfaces Joel A. Pedersen
Concurrent Session 5b: Food/ Agriculture
13:30 Nanoscale science and engineering in agriculture and food systems: At a Crossroads Norman R. Scott
14:00 Synchrotron confirmation of the uptake and translocation of TiO2 nanoparticles in cucumber plants Alia Servin
14:20 Nanoparticle Electrospray Facilitates the Break of Coat-Imposed Seed Dormancy Da-Ren Chen
14:40 Interactive Effects of Nano-TiO2 and Soil Water on Soil Microbial Communities Patricia Holden
15:00 The impact of CeO2 nanoparticles on rice roots: the relationship between enzyme activity, cell membrane damage and lipid content Cyren M. Rico
15:20 Nanomaterial Interactions with Agricultural Crop Species Jason C. White
Concurrent Session 5c: Fate, Transport, Transformation
13:30 Fate and behaviour of nanoparticles in the aquatic and terrestrial environment J. R. Lead
14:00 Challenges in studying the fate and effects of nanoparticles in aquatic systems Valery E. Forbes
14:20 When nanoparticles enters the house of microbes – Importance of biofilms in fate and transport of nanomaterials Alan W. Decho
14:40 Long term stability and metal leaching in natural water systems of commercial single wall carbon nanotubes Adeyemi Adeleye
15:00 Fate of Engineered Nanomaterials in Constructed Wetland Treatment Systems Fariya Sharif
15:20 Mobility of nanomaterials in the environment during their life cycle Armand Masion
15:40 Closing Session--SNO