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Announcing an upcoming 2013 Gordon Research Conference
on Environmental Nanotechnology
(Novel Approaches to Meet Global Challenges)
June 2-7, 2013
Stoweflake Resort and Conference Center (Stowe, Vermont)

GRC image

Conference Chair: Nora Savage
Conference Vice Chair: Paul Westerhoff
Steering Committee: Vicki Grassian (University of Iowa), C. P. Huang (University of Delaware), Kimberly Jones (Howard University), Rick Pleus (Intertox Inc.), Wumni Sadik (SUNY-Binghamton)

Nanotechnology offers tremendous opportunities to improve product performance, human health and welfare, and environmental protection. However, benefits arising from the opportunities created by emerging technologies must be balanced by understanding potential impacts, and by developing policies that protect public health and the environment. Exposure, toxicity and risk assessment data will be needed for successful deployment of future nano-based technologies in fields such as agriculture pest control and yield, medical therapy and imaging, plus food and water protection. This GRC will offer a peek at the horizon of emerging innovations and attempt to identify potential environmental issuesthat must be addressed as we move into the future. The conference attracts top scientists from around the world to speak, listen, and freely exchange ideas. We have an excellent list of confirmed speakers, including the following: Mike Hochella, Kim Jones, Vicki Grassian, Howard Fairbrother, Robert Hurt, Artuoro Keller, JoAnn Shatkin, Julie Zimmermann, Jorge Gardea-Torresdey, Cristina Sabliov, Prabir Dutta, Carl Batt, Alistair Boxall, Jason Unrine, Menny Elimelech, David Cwiertny, Ruey-An Doong, Cole Matson, Rebecca Klaper, Ken Dawson, James Moon, Mike Spencer, April Gu, Robert Hurt, David Speed and members of the Steering Committee. To be considered for a poster or short oral presentation, please submit an application by March 15, 2013 to be considered for partial financial support. Everyone is encouraged to present a poster, and presentation awards will be given out. The deadline for applying is May 5, 2013. Instructions for submitting an application are available at this website http://www.grc.org/programs.aspx?year=2013&program=environano

For additional information please contact one of the co-chairs of the conference:
Dr. Nora Savage (US Environmental Protection Agency) – savage.nora@epa.gov
(Phone: 202-343-9858)

Dr. Paul Westerhoff (Arizona State University) – p.westerhoff@asu.edu
(Phone: 480-965-2885)