Characterizing the mechanical properties of materials using indentation has been around for centuries. It has recently emerged as the technique of choice for evaluating and characterizing hard and soft tissue. Recent work on mechanotransduction - the transduction of biological signals through mechanical signals also provides fertile ground for work in this area.

It has also been used in understanding the different cell functions and in assessing the soundness of various nanoBIO devices. At this conference, organized by the nanoBIO Node at Illinois, leading experts and scientists will discuss the current and future trends in nanoindentation and its application in mechanotransduction and the mechanical characterization of soft materials.


The workshop will be held at the Micro and Nanotechnology Laboratory (MNTL) at the University of Illinois at the Urbana-Champaign campus on April 1-2, 2015.


For additional details, contact Workshop Organizers Nahil Sobh or Iwona Jasiuk

Here's the Workshop Agenda


Topics covered:


Probing the Mechanical Properties of Materials at Small Scales with Nanoindentation;
Case studies in Nanoindentation

George Pharr, UTK, Oak Ridge National Lab

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Experimental Variations in Nanoindentation Testing;
Nanoindentation of hydrogels and soft biological tissues

Michelle Oyen, Cambridge University

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AFM-Based Mechanical Testing Techniques;
Analysis Technique Selection and Practical Tips for Sample Preparation

Kathy Walsh, Materials Research Laboratory, Univ. of Illinois

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AFM-Based High-Freq. Rheology of Cartilage as a Sensitive Method to Measure Matrix Degradation;
Fluid-solid interactions within Aggrecan Proteoglycan Networks

Hadi Nia, MIT

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Nanomechanics of Adherent and Non-Adherent Cells

Richard Chadwick, NIH

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Online Simulation Tools for Nanoindentation

Nahil Sobh, NanoBIO Node, Univ. of Illinois

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Challenges unique to nanoindentation of biological tissues

Virginia Ferguson, CU Boulder

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Advances in Nanoindentation Techniques for Wood Cell Walls

Joseph E. Jakes, USDA, UW-Madison

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Multiscale Mechanics of Bone

Iwona Jasiuk, Univ. of Illinois

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Indentation: a Simple and Robust Method to Characterize Poroelasticity of Gels

Yuhang Hu, Univ. of Illinois

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Exploring Protoelastic Nature of the Cytoplasm through AFM;
Using AFM to Characterize the Central Nervous System

Emad Moeendarbary, MIT

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Supercharge your simulation tools with

Derrick Kearney, nanoHUB/Purdue

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