source: branches/1.6/lang/tcl/ @ 6221

Last change on this file since 6221 was 5121, checked in by dkearney, 9 years ago

merging updates from 1.3 branch

looks like this branch originally came from the 1.3 branch and then had some
additions from the 1.4-pre branch and then a sync from the 1.3 branch. to get
this branch updated, I am reverting r4797 (additions from 1.4-pre branch),
reverting r4798 (additions from 1.3 branch), then merging in updates from 1.3

I fixed merge conflicts for the following files:


File size: 514 bytes
1package ifneeded Rappture @PACKAGE_VERSION@ [format {
2    set dir "%s"
3    set version @PACKAGE_VERSION@
4    lappend auto_path [file join $dir scripts]
5    namespace eval Rappture {
6        variable version $version
7        variable build "@SVN_VERSION@"
8        variable svnurl "@SVN_URL@"
9        variable installdir [file normalize $dir]
10    }
11    namespace eval Rappture::LibraryObj {
12        #empty
13    }
14    set ext [info sharedlibextension]
15    load [file join $dir "Rappture${version}${ext}"]
16    package provide Rappture $version
17} $dir]
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