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modified matlab bindings and tests.
includes all popular functions available in RpLibrary? and RpUnits
compile and run, but not all tests work as they should
some of these functions will be removed soon because the id field is
no longer a valid argument. path ids should be incorporated in paths from now on.

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1<?xml version="1.0"?>
3    <tool>
4        <title>Graphing Calculator</title>
5        <about>Press Simulate to view results.</about>
6        <command> @tool/graph @driver</command>
7    </tool>
8    <input>
9        <string id="formula">
10            <about>
11                <label>Formula</label>
12                <hints>Example: 2*x + 1</hints>
13            </about>
14            <size>30x5</size>
15        </string>
16        <number id="min">
17            <about> <label>From x</label> </about>
18            <default>0</default>
19            <current>1</current>
20        </number>
21        <number id="max">
22            <about> <label>To x</label> </about>
23            <default>2</default>
24            <current>3</current>
25        </number>
26    </input>
27    <output>
28        <curve id="result">
29            <about> <label>Formula: Y vs X</label> </about>
30        </curve>
31    </output>
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