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xylegend fixes

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3    * Created legend for xy plots.  You can raise/lower/show/hide/rename
4      traces (curves).  There is also a provision for displaying the
5      fill area between two curves and taking the average of two or
6      more curves.
7    * Nanovis markers now change the transfer function globally. Previously
8      changing the a marker changes the transfer function for that volume
9      only.  Now all volumes using that transfer function are affected.
10    * Pymolproxy changed to use file transfer for PDB files.  This should
11      prevent large datasets from breaking pymol.
12    * Data sent to render servers now made in one write. Should improve
13      performance for large datasets.
14    * Nanovis server was profiled and improvements made to protocol.
15    * "Abort" button fixed.  Previous version abort was disabled during
16      simulation.
17    * New checkbutton indicator for booleanentry (switch).
18    * Empty sequences (pymol) are now checked.
19    * Fixed heightmap (surface plot) grid to accurately measure the surface.
20    * added bohr units and conversion to meters
21    * added a free text label so users can label each element of a sequence.
22    * added example using Ruby's Rappture bindings.
23    * changed boolean widget to use a simple checkbutton
24    * added ability to set the color of integer and number widgets
25      to a wavelength or range of wavelengths.
272008-06-11: fixed bug in Ruby putfile() method (bhaley)
282008-03-31: nanovis 20080331 released
292008-03-30: Rappture 20080330 released
302008-02-18: added initial bindings and build scripts for Ruby (bhaley)
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