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3 * Fixed sequenceviewer to handle sequences for heightmaps (surface plots)
4   properly.  Rappture was defaulting to VTK and segfaulting.
5 * Added keyboard and mousewheel bindings for zooms in nanovisviewer,
6   heightmapviewer, and molvisviewer.
7 * Added panning function to nanovisviewer, heightmapviewer, and
8   molvisviewer.  Feature available via mouse and keyboard.
9 * Fixed pymolproxy to handle non-blocking reads from pymol server where
10   previous client command would drain stdout.  The bug appears in
11   64-bit versions.
12 * Changed curve object to use a vector to read/parse xy data and then
13   split into the corresponding x and y vectors.  Rough testing shows
14   to be 8x faster than split/scan-ing every line.  This was also done
15   for fields (points).
16 * Added feature to VisViewer base class to disconnect from the render
17   server after a specified interval "idleTimeout_".  If zero, no
18   timeout is set.  This affects molvisviewer, heightmapviewer, and
19   nanovisviewer.  The viewers will reconnect on the next read or write
20   request to the server.  See _CheckConnection method.
21 * Fixed molvisviewer to properly set screen dimensions when reconnecting
22   to the pymol server.  This caused the object to be scaled and shifted
23   improperly.
24 * Fixed nanovisviewer to properly reset screen dimensions and rotation
25   angles when reconnecting to the nanovis server.
26 * Extended color set (8 to 32) of automatic colors for xy graphs.
27 * Removed load-balancing feature from nanoscale.  It always returns
28 (no redirect).
29 * Added isunirect2d to field object.  This is a cleaner way of determining
30   whether to connect to a nanovis server or use VTK.
31 * Fixed -imagecmd in htmlviewer.tcl.  Added _freeImage method/callback.
32   The htmlwidget was destroying the cached icon images.
33 * Added recolor option the XyLegend object.  It recolors all the selected
34   traces.
35 * Removed split $params(-load) from driver.
36 * Added "list" type to getopts.tcl to allow for command line
37   specifications like "rappture -load file1 file2 file3".  The list
38   type can only be used at the end of the command line.
39 * Added rappture-csh.env script for c-shell users.
40 * Fixed lang/matlab/ to prevent parallel builds of
41   matlab bindings.  "mex" generates temporary files that collide when
42   multiple compilations are using the same directory.
43 * Added -x flag to nanoscale to automatically rotate between screens
44   as new requests are made.
45 * Added separate method in nanovis NvCamera.h to handle camera eye and
46   target positions (for panning).
47 * Added pan call to nanovis.
48 * Added checks to nanovis for valid framebuffer objects.
49 * Fixed packages/vizservers/nanovis/ to allow parallel builds.
50 * Added xunits, yunits, and zunits attributes for unirect2d data.
51 * Added statistics generation for nanovis and pymolproxy servers. Writes
52   to /var/tmp/visservers/data.xml.
53 * Added MCR_INHIBIT_CTF_LOCK flag to the compiled matlab patch file to
54   prevent matlab from trying to create a lock on CTF file.
55 * Added copy feature to loaders. Copy feature allows users to specify where
56   to put data from xml files loaded from the examples directory. See
57   rappture/examples/lang/tcl/loadercopy for sample use.
58 * Added compiled matlab example to rappture/examples/app-fermi/matlab
59   currently only for 32bit, if using on 64bit, need to adjust patch file.
60 * Fix allowing enabled tabs (groups within groups), which are a part of a
61   list of tabs, to show the correct information when one or more tabs
62   before them are disabled.
63 * Reorganize command line options for simsim
64 * Added autolabel to number and integer outputs, but everyone should still
65   put labels on all outputs.
66 * Allow the contents of a note to be dynamically changed, for example
67   through a loader.
68 * Added xmldiff to find the difference between two rappture xml files.
69 * Added -nosim flag to rerun so it works as it did in previous releases.
70   Currently, rerun is strictly for viewing old run.xml files.
71 * Updating rappture to allow for loading of old run.xml files using the
72   -load flag. This feature differs from rerun in that if rappture can find
73   where the tool was installed, it will allow you to continue running
74   simulations.
75 * Added bohrs to the units test cases
772008-10-10: nanovis 20081010 released
782008-09-26: nanovis 20080926 released
792008-09-26: Rappture 20080924 released
81 * Added stats collection to nanovis
832008-09-09: Rappture 20080909 released
85 * Created legend for xy plots.  You can raise/lower/show/hide/rename
86   traces (curves).  There is also a provision for displaying the
87   fill area between two curves and taking the average of two or
88   more curves.
89 * Nanovis markers now change the transfer function globally. Previously
90   changing the a marker changes the transfer function for that volume
91   only.  Now all volumes using that transfer function are affected.
92 * Pymolproxy changed to use file transfer for PDB files.  This should
93   prevent large datasets from breaking pymol.
94 * Data sent to render servers now made in one write. Should improve
95   performance for large datasets.
96 * Nanovis server was profiled and improvements made to protocol.
97 * "Abort" button fixed.  Previous version abort was disabled during
98   simulation.
99 * New checkbutton indicator for booleanentry (switch).
100 * Empty sequences (pymol) are now checked.
101 * Fixed heightmap (surface plot) grid to accurately measure the surface.
102 * added bohr units and conversion to meters
103 * added a free text label so users can label each element of a sequence.
104 * added example using Ruby's Rappture bindings.
105 * changed boolean widget to use a simple checkbutton
106 * added ability to set the color of integer and number widgets
107   to a wavelength or range of wavelengths.
108 * fixed bug in Ruby putfile() method (bhaley)
1102008-03-31: nanovis 20080331 released
1112008-03-30: Rappture 20080330 released
113 * added initial bindings and build scripts for Ruby (bhaley)
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