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  • Fixed the scroller to handle scrollbars properly. They weren't always popping up when needed. Sometimes you had to scroll a little first. Better now.
  • Fixed the DeviceEditor? to pack its internal widgets better, so images within a DeviceViewer1D structure can change size and will show up properly.
  • Fixed the analyzer to take down the progress bar properly when there's an error during execution.
  • Fixed the Rappture::exec command to initialize execctl properly, in case there's an error during execution.
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3          R A P P T U R E - rapid application infrastructure
6 Rappture is the Rapid APPlication infrastrucTURE, a toolkit for
7 building scientific applications with a minimum of fuss and bother.
9 It was developed by the Network for Computational Nanotechnology
10 (NCN), an NSF-funded project creating cyberinfrastructure in support
11 of a science gateway for nanotechnology simulation.
13 See the following web site for an overview and documentation:
18 Rappture is a freely available, open source package.  You can
19 do virtually anything you like with it, such as modifying it,
20 redistributing it, and selling it either in whole or in part.
21 But you can't prevent anyone else from doing the same, and you
22 must keep all copyright notices intact, so the ownership and
23 authorship is clear.
25 See the file "license.terms" for complete information.
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