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Last change on this file was 2080, checked in by mmc, 13 years ago

Part 1 of a major reorganization of content. Moving "instant" to "builder"
and setting up "builder" more like the "gui" part as a package. Moving the
Rappture::object stuff from the builder into the main installation, so it
can be shared by the tester as well. Moving "driver" into gui/scripts
where it belongs. Creating a new "launcher.tcl" script that decides
which of the three parts to launch based on command line options. Still
need to sort out the Makefiles to get this all right...

File size: 324 bytes
2package ifneeded RapptureBuilder @PACKAGE_VERSION@ [format {
3    set dir [file normalize "%s"]
4    set version @PACKAGE_VERSION@
5    lappend auto_path [file join $dir scripts]
6    namespace eval RapptureBuilder {
7        variable version $version
8        variable library $dir
9    }
10    package provide RapptureBuilder $version
11} $dir]
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