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Updates to Rappture::Utils::progress for all languages
removed the dependancy on Rappture.Units from within, it should only depend on Rappture which will include Rappture.Units
added Rappture.Units as a module to load when people import Rappture in python.
added -V pbs variable to to include qsub environment variables in the submitted job.
updated to install Rappture.Utils
added progress bar to all app-fermi examples showing how to use the Rappture::Utils::progress function in all languages.
added destructor definitions to Node classes in src2/core

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1# ----------------------------------------------------------------------
2#  EXAMPLE: Fermi-Dirac function in Tcl.
4#  This simple example shows how to use Rappture within a simulator
5#  written in Tcl.
6# ======================================================================
7#  AUTHOR:  Michael McLennan, Purdue University
8#  Copyright (c) 2004-2007  Purdue Research Foundation
10#  See the file "license.terms" for information on usage and
11#  redistribution of this file, and for a DISCLAIMER OF ALL WARRANTIES.
12# ======================================================================
13package require Rappture
15# open the XML file containing the run parameters
16set driver [Rappture::library [lindex $argv 0]]
18set T [$driver get input.(temperature).current]
19set T [Rappture::Units::convert $T -to K -units off]
20set Ef [$driver get input.(Ef).current]
21set Ef [Rappture::Units::convert $Ef -to eV -units off]
23set kT [expr {8.61734e-5 * $T}]
24set Emin [expr {$Ef - 10*$kT}]
25set Emax [expr {$Ef + 10*$kT}]
27set E $Emin
28set dE [expr {0.005*($Emax-$Emin)}]
30# Label output graph with title, x-axis label,
31# y-axis lable, and y-axis units
32$driver put -append no output.curve(f12).about.label "Fermi-Dirac Factor"
33$driver put -append no output.curve(f12).xaxis.label "Fermi-Dirac Factor"
34$driver put -append no output.curve(f12).yaxis.label "Energy"
35$driver put -append no output.curve(f12).yaxis.units "eV"
37while {$E < $Emax} {
38    set f [expr {1.0/(1.0 + exp(($E - $Ef)/$kT))}]
39    set progress [expr {(($E - $Emin)/($Emax - $Emin)*100)}]
40    Rappture::Utils::progress $progress -mesg "Iterating"
41    $driver put -append yes output.curve(f12).component.xy "$f $E\n"
42    set E [expr {$E + $dE}]
45# save the updated XML describing the run...
46Rappture::result $driver
47exit 0
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