source: trunk/gui/ @ 2117

Last change on this file since 2117 was 2117, checked in by mmc, 11 years ago

Added the "placard" canvas item type and a first cut at the Diffview
widget for showing textual diffs. I've been working on both of these
as part of "gui15", but we probably need Diffview for the new regression
tester, so I'm moving them over. The Diffview still needs lots of work.

File size: 406 bytes
2package ifneeded RapptureGUI @PACKAGE_VERSION@ [format {
3    set dir [file normalize "%s"]
4    set version @PACKAGE_VERSION@
5    lappend auto_path [file join $dir scripts]
6    namespace eval RapptureGUI {
7        variable version $version
8        variable library $dir
9    }
10    set ext [info sharedlibextension]
11    load [file join $dir "RapptureGUI${version}${ext}"]
12    package provide RapptureGUI $version
13} $dir]
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