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add build info to RapptureGUI package

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1# HACK: The Img library needs to be loaded before RapptureGUI
2# to avoid conflicts with libjpeg, libtiff, etc.
3package ifneeded RapptureGUI @PACKAGE_VERSION@ [format {
4    package require Img
5    set dir [file normalize "%s"]
6    set version @PACKAGE_VERSION@
7    lappend auto_path [file join $dir scripts]
8    namespace eval RapptureGUI {
9        variable version $version
10        variable build "@SVN_VERSION@"
11        variable svnurl "@SVN_URL@"
12        variable installdir $dir
13        variable library $dir
14    }
15    set ext [info sharedlibextension]
16    load [file join $dir "RapptureGUI${version}${ext}"]
17    package provide RapptureGUI $version
18} $dir]
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