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Last change on this file since 829 was 158, checked in by mmc, 15 years ago
  • Fixed installation so that this "gui" part can be installed with standard autoconf techniques: configure, make all, make install The "gui" library is loaded via "package require RapptureGUI"
  • Added C code for Rappture::rlimit, to support limits on CPU time and file sizes. Default limits are 15 mins of CPU and 1MB for each file. These can be overridden in tool.xml by using <tool><limits><cputime> and <tool><limits><filesize>.
  • Added C code for Rappture::rusage, so we can collect resource usage for all child processes. Each Simulation now reports a line of usage to stderr as follows:

MiddlewareTime?: job=# event=simulation start=xxx cputime=xxx ...

  • Fixed Rappture::exec so that it reports proper error messages when rlimits are execeeded.
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1# this file identifies RapptureGUI as a Tcl package
2package ifneeded RapptureGUI @VERSION@ [list source [file join $dir init.tcl]]
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